Board Members

Carl Berg, Chairman of the Board

A Silicon Valley industrial developer, private investor, and entrepreneur, Carl E. Berg is the President of Mission West Properties (previously Berg & Berg Developers, which merged into Mission West in 1997). He is also the founder of West Coast Venture Capital Ltd., a venture capital firm established in 1998. Mr. Berg is a major Silicon Valley industrial real estate developer and a private venture capital investor with over thirty years of active engagement in the ownership, development, and management of industrial real estate and venture capital. In addition to his activity as President of Mission West, his experience includes, but is not limited to, the following: Non-Executive Chairman of Systems Integrated Research PLC, a provider of educational software; Chairman of Valence Technology Inc.; Director of FOCUS Enhancements Inc., a developer of video scan conversion products; Member of the Board of Directors of Monolithic System Technology Inc.; Director of Systems Integrated Research PLC; Director of LynuxWorks, Inc.; Director of SoloPower, Inc.; Director of MoSys Inc.; and co-founder of Videonics, Inc. Mr. Berg received a B.A. in Corporate Finance and Business Administration from the University of New Mexico.

Gordon A. Campbell, Director

Gordon A. Campbell has served on the Board of Quantum3D since co-founding the Company in March 1997. Mr. Campbell is the founder of Techfarm, Inc., a venture capital investment firm, and has served as its President since September 1993. He served as Chairman of the Board for 3dfx since August 1994, when he co founded the Company with Ross Smith, Gary Tarolli and Scott Sellers. In 1985, Mr. Campbell founded Chips & Technologies, Inc. (CHIPS), a semiconductor and related device company, and served as Chairman, CEO, and President of CHIPS until July 1993. Mr. Campbell founded SEEQ Technology, Inc., a semiconductor and related device company, in 1981, and served as President and CEO from 1981 to 1985. Mr. Campbell also serves as a Public Director for Palm Corporation and Bell Microproducts, Inc.

Jonathan Myers, Director

Jon Myers is currently CEO of SeqEnergy, a clean energy storage company, and Chairman of BioMetallix, a mine tailings recovery and remediation company. He has eleven years' experience as an entreprenuer, having founded several successful companies in business software, webservices, and logistics. Mr. Myers also has worked for 17 years in Trading, Sales, and Investment Banking with major Wall Street firms.