Real-time Visual Simulation

Visual and sensor system fidelity is essential for precision flight training and mission rehearsal applications. Quantum3D provides complete hardware, software and synthetic environments for visual simulation solutions to meet customers’ most advanced image generation requirements. Using an integrated, open architecture, commercial-off-the-shelf solution allows our customers to deliver training systems on time, on budget, and on target.


Quantum3D’s Real-time Visual Simulation solution is the perfect candidate for military fixed- and rotary-wing, FAA Level-D, and JAR FSTD flight simulation, aerial refueling simulation, gunnery training, hardware-in-the-loop sensor simulation, ground vehicle simulation, fixed- and forward-based air traffic control, ship’s bridge simulation, mono & stereo scientific visualization, and virtual reality. The table below describes some of the solution’s features relevant to these applications.

Fixed- and Rotary-Wing Flight Simulation
Fixed- and Rotary-Wing Flight Simulation

Quantum3D’s Image Generators, together with Mantis® Realtime Scene Management Software, offer key features for aircrew training systems. Our patented NVSYNC™ synchronization technology provides precise hardware synchronization between channels thus illuminating tears between adjacent channels in a multi-display system. Low-latency transport delay gives the pilot quick feedback when flying the aircraft. Shader-based rendering adds realism to the training scenario.

FAA Level D and JAR FSTD Flight Simulation
FAA Level D and JAR FSTD Flight Simulation

Civil aviation requires special effects near the runways to support FAA Level D and JAR FSTD requirements. Quantum3D’s IDX 6000 and IDX 7000 simulates runway contaminants including standing and blowing water, snow, and sand. Light point reflections, ice and snow buildup, layered fog, and light point glare, all add to the realism of landing an airplane.

Correlated feedback to the host provides the runway condition under each tire to enable simulation of braking effects.

Aerial Refueling
Aerial Refueling

Aerial refueling requires rendering the receiver aircraft with exceptional detail. The boom operator relies on realistic cues to fly the boom into the receptacle. Cues like shadows from the boom and scratches that arise when the boom makes incorrect contact with the receiver are critical. Quantum3D’s IDX 4000 and IDX 6000 provide the computational horsepower needed to render these advanced features.

Gunnery Training
Gunnery Training

Helicopter gunnery trainers require high-fidelity, high-resolution synthetic environments. Quantum3D’s IDX 4000 and IDX 6000 renders aircraft interiors and weapon animations for stereo HMDs, tracer rounds, collision detection for multiple rounds in flight, and termination effects appropriate to the round and the type of object hit.

Ground Vehicle Simulation
Ground Vehicle Simulation

Quantum3D’s IDX 4000 and IDX 6000 Image Generators are deployed at multiple driving simulator locations. Ford Motor Company and the University of Iowa National Advanced Driving Simulator both use Independence® to generate the realistic driving scenes for their out-the-window views.

Sensor Simulation
Sensor Simulation and Stimulation

The use of night vision equipment is an increasingly common factor in flight accidents. Support for sensor simulation is critical when training to fly at night.

Quantum3D’s QUEST2 and viXsen® plug-ins provide a complete solution for the entire simulation pipeline ranging from visible light (CCD cameras) and near Infrared (Low Light Level Televisions (LLLTV), Image Intensifiers (II), and Night Vision Goggles (NVG)) to Short Wavelength IR (SWIR), Mid-Wavelength IR (MWIR), and Long Wavelength IR (LWIR) imaging systems.

Hardware Systems

Uniquely scalable and open architecture, Quantum3D’s Independence® IDX 4000 (ER), Independence® IDX 6000 (ER) and Independence® IDX 7000 (ER) image generators meet the demands for advanced synthetic environment simulation and training applications.

The Quicksilver® ATX 6000 provides a low, total cost of ownership, but delivers high performance coupled with outstanding image quality and is ideal for mid-range training and simulation applications.

Software Systems

Quantum3D’s Mantis® is a real-time scene management software application. It employs a powerful client / server software architecture that provides high-bandwidth, low-latency separation between simulation and graphics processing. Advanced rendering techniques create realism achievable only with high-end image generators.

Quantum3D’s Mantis® Commander takes the hassle out of developing a custom multichannel Image Generator (IG). Commander brings ease-of-use and maintenance capabilities as found in Quantum3D’s flagship Independence® IDX series, and makes them available in an economical software suite suitable for any size IG based on COTS components.

Sensor simulation is supported using the QUEST2 and viXsen® plug-ins.

QUEST2 is a shader-based post processor that implements monochrome or full color sensor effects up to 2048x1536 resolution using 16-bit, floating-point color when rendering the scene. Quest2 renders overlays and symbology after performing the sensor effects post processing, thus eliminating the need to render them on a separate channel. QUEST2 can post-process either optical out the window imagery or at-aperture sensor imagery.

viXsen® provides accurate at-aperture physics-based image generation of material coded terrains, moving models, effects and environmental phenomena with highly flexible sensor configuration options.

Synthetic Environments

Quantum3D leverages “geo-specific” imagery from actual satellite images for a much more accurate, realistic, and effective set of synthetic environments by providing a series of products, including LIDAR Fusion Tool Suite, CatalystSE™ DBGS 2014, GeoScapeSE® (Worldwide, CONUS OTW ER), Facets® Models, and Custom Visual Database.

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